Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nails Nails Nails

I cannot not have my acrylic nails on. They are like my protection and safety blanket. I have had acrylic nails put on for 6 years now and never once have I ot rid of them, artly because I love them and partly because my nails are too weak to not have them on. In this blog I am going to prove to you why havng nails on gives yu that little bit extra that thers and how you can be inidivual and show your own personality just throgh your nails!!
Like I have said I LOVE NAILS and below are just some of the nail designs I have had over the years;

First I am going to tell you about the fantastic Ciate Caviar Nail Polish I recently purchased and tried out. It consists of a bottle of nail polish then a bottle of tiny beads. First you apply the nail polish then you sprinkle the beads over it and press gently down so the beads remain in place. Its that simple!!
This is my attempt at Ciate Caviar Nails <3
Below is a link to where you can purchase the Ciate Caviar Manicure Nail Polish Kit;
Minx Nail Wraps have been used for only a few years but there are many celebrities that choose to have this nail design, for example, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rhianna etc.

There are many different desings from plain metallic to flowrs and hearts to holiday designs for Halloween & Christmas. I had these nails done on my toes for my holidays and had so many comments on how different they were because its not just your average painted nail..
It doesn't cost much and if you use their website that  have posted an ur to below you can track a salon down near you that will be willing and happy to give you something different;
There is another option for these sort of nails for you, if you chose you would like to become more creative and do them yourselves! You can purchase the Minx Nails from their wesbite or just purchase the Nails Inc Foil wraps for a cheaper and easier wayof giving your nails the individuality they deserve!
 Below is a link to where you can purchase your Nail Inc Wraps;
Finally if Acrylic nails are not for you then try out special effects nail polish! this crackle nail polish that slso gives you an edge to a normal manicure. It comes from various beauty companies for example, nails inc, BarryM, Models Own etc and all come in SO many different colours..
Its so easy to apply all you do is put on one colur nail polish as your base coat then when its dry apply your crackle polish over the top and when it drys it shrinks and cracks..simple right??
There is a link below to the official crackle nail polish site where you can buy this polish for a cheap price;
This Nails Inc new nail polish is called Nails Inc Special Effects because it is exactly that.. special!
It is a sparkley nail varnish that creates a 3D effect over your nail! its amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!

Below is a link to where you can buy this;
I hope you have found this blog both interestng and helpful, Id love to discuss with you more about nails if you would like me to answer any questions..
Charlotte Katy


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